Addressed Lists

Coupon Postcard can mail your message to anyone you want.

Mail to one of our lists or to your own.

Here are the categories in which we are capable of getting mailing lists anywhere in the US:

  1. Business Owners With Over $1Million Gross Sales
  2. Attorneys
  3. Restaurants
  4. Medical
  5. New Home Moves
  6. New Businesses
  7. Custom Maling List

The format will be the same as the ones we have been sending to the general public.  A high quality 11”x6” postcard with a few businesses on it, but with custom addressing.

The pricing will be the following per 1,000 unites printed and mailed:
Full Page Ad       $900
½ Page Ad           $600

Coupon Ad           $150 (available in select distributions)

Contact us to place your order...